Alex Evers started training at the age of 12, when one of his friends said he was going to practice with his nunchucks after school. He remembers that sounded like a lot more
fun than doing homework, so he asked his parents to let him join his friend’s karate school in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Alex instantly loved martial arts and earned a black belt at the age of 15. 

     By the time he was in college, he was teaching all of the classes at the school while the owner had opened another location in Tulsa, about 70 miles away.  Alex was so organized that the owner soon asked him to serve as the general manager of both schools. 

     Because Tulsa was the bigger city, and the school there was newer, he had to spend most of his time well over an hour’s drive away from home. While that was fun and educational, he regretted only being able to spend one day a week in Stillwater, where his friends and longtime students were.

Alex Evers


     Alex graduated from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Information Systems in 2013 and, within a month, the owner asked him if he’d be interested in buying the Stillwater karate school.  Alex used his knowledge of the business, and years of experience, to win over a few investors and purchased the school only two months after graduating college.

     Within a year, Stillwater Martial Arts had doubled in size.  They launched a very successful after school pick up program, summer camp program, decreased class sizes, and increased student to instructor ratios.

     Alex is very involved in the Stillwater community.  He has graduated from Leadership Stillwater, which is put on by the Chamber of Commerce, was voted as a Top 10 Leader Under 40, as well as holds free Self Defense and bully proofing seminars for the Stillwater Public School System.  In April of 2015, Alex completed the Ultimate Black Belt Test which is put on by Master Tom Callos, for his 4th Degree Black Belt.

In 2018, Alex announced the opening of Family Martial Arts in Enid Oklahoma.  Family Martial Arts will be starting its Summer Camp and After School Programs in 2019.