Alex Evers

Black Belt

For my 4th Degree Black Belt Test, Master Tom Callos and myself, decided transparency in this process would be key.

Along with a physical Journal, I also kept an online blog to document my journey.  It can be found here:

My requirements were, in addition to my regular 4th Degree Martial Arts curriculum, as follows:

  1. Raise $1,000 from crowd funding for the Build-Vention in 2015. 
  2. Must Study BJJ or Judo during this process. 
  3. Zero Soda
  4. Read the book SAVOR by Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung
  5. Organize the 10 most fundamental eating related self-defense tips by April 2015. Must have it in place and being taught on the mat in our school.
  6. Organize one public showing of Mrs. Judo, the film about Fukuda Sensei’s life.
  7. Reduce consumption of all throw away plastics and Styrofoam by 80-90%.
  8. Use only a re-usable water container and reusable plates/trays.
  9. Organize and execute an environmental cleanup project. 
  10. Mending 3 relationships gone bad
  11. Fixing 3 wrongs I’ve committed
  12. Convince one other person in their sphere of influence to also fix 3 wrongs and mend 3 relationships
  13. Read the book Last Child in the Woods
  14. Organize at least one outdoor adventure with students
  15. Construct and use a Strength Garden
  16. Read A Call To Action by Jimmy Carter
  17. Learn a Japanese form and perform 1000 reps. 
  18. 20,000 Push Ups (Injured Shoulder)
  19. Swim 150 Miles  (Injured Shoulder)
  20. 1000 Rounds of Sparring/Rolling 
  21. Additional 100 Blind folded rounds of rolling 
  22. 1000 Documented Acts of Kindness 
  23. Help 10 people reach one of their goals 
  24. Write 100 meaningful letters to thank those who have supported me.
  25. Spend two consecutive days mute
  26. Spend two consecutive days blind
  27. Create a project which will improve our community and help those in it. (Kids Kick Obesity)
  28. Accomplish 1 large personal goal. (Graduate of Leadership Stillwater)
  29. Create a Community heroes list online and a short bio of each and why.
  30. Teach at least 5 Free to the community Self Defense Courses
  31. Eat Mindfully