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Alex Evers

for theWhat is a Project Portfolio?

A martial arts and business mentor of mine (Master Tom Callos) once told me "If a picture is worth 1000 words, then an action is worth 1000 pictures."  This is a list of actions.

Kids Kick Obesity Day

Kids Kick Obesity (KKO) is a movement to encourage our youth to build better eating and exercise habits.  We work in partnership with the Stillwater Public Schools and the Payne County Live Well Coalition to motivate these changes in our community.

 New Martial Arts School Opening

As a result of extreme growth, Stillwater Martial Arts will be opening a sister school in 2018!  More details to come. Check out our Facebook page Here!

The Ultimate Black Belt Test (Completed)

The Ultimate Black Belt Test (UBBT) is a one year --or longer (depending on the participant) --training program designed to help martial arts teachers find their personal power, refine their mission statement, lead their schools by example, and experiment with innovative curriculum design.

The UBBT is about designing and living tests that transform the participant --physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's about designing and living a test that deeply and profoundly affects the people in the sphere-of-influence of the tester. The UBBT is about standing up --in one's community, in the international martial arts community, and as a member of this team --and showing, in action, what it is to be a black belt teacher in today's world.
Ultimate Black Belt Test Facebook

After School Martial Arts (Stillwater Living Magazine)

We were the cover, as well as a featured article, of Aug. 2016 Stillwater Living Magazine.
Click here for a digital copy.

Graduate of Leadership Stillwater

The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to establishing strong leaders who will help ensure the overall prosperity of Stillwater. The Leadership Stillwater program identifies these emerging leaders and prepares them for community involvement and civic leadership. Students are required to participate on volunteer boards and committees that reach diverse aspects of the Stillwater community.

Program presenters will include civic leaders, government officials, educators, and experts from a variety of fields and industries. Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of the interrelationships and complexities of the community, while broadening communication and problem solving skills.

Our class decided to use our class project to serve the community.  We did this through volunteer hours and donations/supplies.  Overall we donated money/supplies/volunteer hours totaling $21,925.52!  We volunteered 535 hours of community service.

Purchase of a Stumbling School and Transformed it into a Powerhouse


 Stillwater Martial Arts

Free Self Defense/Bully Proofing Seminars for Non-Profits

Live in the Stillwater area?  I conduct FREE self defense/bully proofing seminars for non-profits, and for all community projects.  Not a non-profit?  Head to the contact us page and let me know your situation.  I conduct self defense seminars for businesses also!

Martial Arts Empathy Training

As part of my 4th Degree Black Belt Test, I spent two consecutive days blind and two consecutive days mute.  The purpose of this is empathy training.  Literally walking more than a mile in someone else's shoes.  All black belts at Stillwater Martial Arts are required to complete at least one day mute, blind, or deaf, in order to understand people in different circumstances.

10 Essential Food Self-Defense Book (TBA)

Small Business of the Year 2018

Stillwater Martial Arts was chosen by the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce as Stillwater's Small Business of the Year for 2018.

Grant Writer
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I began writing for small business relief grants.  This resulted in a grant from the State of Oklahoma for the Oklahoam Business Relief Program which is selected by the Governer, as well as a micro-enterprise grant from the Enid Regional Development Alliance.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

After Passing my Gracie Combatives Jiu-jitsu testing with a 99/100 I began the Gracie Instructor Certification Program.  After much study, I am happy to say I am an official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Instructor.